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    Frequently-Asked Questions

    How Much Will My Mold Cost?2020-08-03T16:37:32-05:00

    This is a very important factor to consider when determining the cost of a project, and arguably presents the most significant expense in upfront production expenses if you do not currently have a mold for your product. However, while many factors contribute to the final price tag, we at D&L take pride in finding the most cost-efficient, longterm solution for our customers. After careful review of your production needs we will provide you with a definitive quote for a top-quality mold created by seasoned tool makers to meet the highest performance standards and to withstand the rigors of mass production.

    How Can I Tell if I Have a High Volume Product?2020-06-17T10:18:57-05:00

    We have more than 50 years of experience working with clients to find the best solution for their particular product. Injection volume will fluctuate over a period of time – ranging from low to middle to high – but we are well-versed in addressing these changes and specialize in flexing and serving you according to your particular needs.

    What is the Wait Time for a Custom Mold?2020-07-22T08:17:17-05:00

    Obviously, it varies on the particular component and the simplicity or complexity of the design. Production varies from three weeks for basic molds up to 20-25 weeks or more for intricate molds. Regardless of the project, our commitment is to the precision, integrity and longevity of our molds.

    Can You Provide Tooling for Prototypes?2020-06-17T10:27:02-05:00

    We have more than five decades under our belt in specialty tooling and dies. Our team can consult on your particular needs and provide a quote accordingly.

    Can You Provide Additional Services such as Assembly and Packaging?2020-08-08T18:00:23-05:00

    Yes! These are offered under our Secondary Operations and we are happy to provide a custom quote for your product. Let us know what additional assistance you need and we will quote accordingly.


    We strive to exceed expectations by delivering the highest quality product to the client in the most expedient timeline.

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